Most Kenya birding tours occur during the middle parts of the year when the climate is perfect for birding conditions

Avid birders need to travel. After a while, the species to be seen in your home region dries up and you will be forced to venture further out into the world to seek out new species. Travel companies have offered a solution to this in terms of birding tour holiday packages. It encompasses all the elements of a general holiday abroad but the key area highlighted will be birding. Instead of visiting popular tourist spots and learning the history of the country, packages such as Kenya birding tours will cater for the birding in the country. A little bit of exploration of other elements of the country will be explored as well but birding will remain the highlight of the tour. Most Kenya birding tours occur during the middle parts of the year when the climate is perfect for birding conditions. Guests going on Kenya birding tours will just have to bring along their personal clothing and other items, everything else will be provided for as part of the tour package.


Attempting Kenya birding tours on your own will be a big task. The problem lies in the absolute remoteness of the areas occupied by the birding species of Kenya. This would then require camping equipment, food count for a couple of days and reliable transport and guides to get you in and out safely. In addition to the many bird species which will be encountered along the way, wildlife is in abundance too. Getting this close to nature, all the while being escorted throughout, makes Kenya birding tours ideal as a family vacation also. The travel company will send along assistants to help the guide in setting up camp and general help along the way. Guests on Kenya birding tours have to do nothing except enjoy birding. Birding can be done all around, so even when the setup of camp or food prep is being done, tour guests can still roam around and bird.

Birding can happen from dawn and through all hours of the night. Of course, most time on Kenya birding tours will be spent during the day allowing just a few hours for nocturnal birding. Kenya is famous for having over 10 percent of the world’s population of bird species. Kenya birding tours will yield a high amount of birding results due to this one factor. The tour is open for anyone to be able to book into and not just avid birders. It is an excellent way to get into the past time of birding since you would be introduced in an exotic setting and have full day access to an expert guide. All levels of birders are allowed in a single tour. Expertise does not matter, as once the group settles down in each viewing spot, everybody goes about their own business. The tour guide is always around to assist. Guests on the Kenya birding tours will most definitely leave with a heart full of memories and a book full of new bird species sighted.