Port Elizabeth Airport is the most frequented gateway into the city

Port Elizabeth Airport is the most frequented gateway into the city, however it also means that you will not be arriving in your own vehicle and will have to make do with a rental. This is where car hire Port Elizabeth Airport comes in to help you out. So what types of car hire Port Elizabeth Airport are available to you? Well, let’s take a look at this in finer detail.

Short term car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is the most utilized. This is a general hire calculated in 24 hour periods. You can book any one of the company’s vehicles which usually include hatchbacks, sedans, vans and minibuses. You would just need to be a licensed driver with the relevant documents to prove that and your identity and the ability to pay for the rental car. You would get the car for the specified period and will return it at the end of this. By renting a vehicle, you would have full access to assistance whenever needed.


Long term car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is utilized when the rental period is going to exceed 30 days. This could be a year’s long rental even. For this rental type, you would also have access to any vehicle in the fleet. The only distinguishing factor would be the lower daily is rates when a car is hired for a long period. Long term car rental is ideal for those who have an extended stay in the city due to family or work commitments and would need the reliability of their own vehicle to get around. Since the fleet is regularly updated, customers on this rental option do not have to worry about having to stick with the same vehicle. A replacement is given as per the update status of the rental agency.

Cash car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is offered as well. There are for those people who do not possess a credit card or international renters who do not have a South African issued debit bank card. For these customers, cash car hire would be the only course forward at Port Elizabeth Airport. Due to insurance concerns, the vehicle fleet here is limited.

Luxury car hire Port Elizabeth Airport can be defined as having the opportunity to travel in true grandeur. The vehicle types here have just been released and have an extremely low mileage. You are likely to turn a few heads on the roads, driving one of these exquisite sports or sedan models.

Cheap car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is quite often requested. Not surprising, seeing as many people want to travel on a budget in these tough economic times. Keep your rental cheap by booking online and being able to source the cheapest rentals from across all rental agencies located at the Port Elizabeth Airport. You would also have greater access to all specials and promotions on vehicles. Booking online also allows you to book ahead of time and secure one of the cheaper rates before those vehicles get booked out by other customers.