6 Ultimate Tips to Have Fun on Dhow Cruise – Make Cruising a Memorable Experience

Travelling to different places and exploring its exotic beauty can give a break from the mundane routine. It can help you rejuvenate yourself and get back the lost energy. Dubai can be a place to visit to get rid of the tiring schedule and enjoy some moments of your life with the serene beauty of the place. Once you are in Dubai you should never miss out on the desert safari, Dhow Cruise tour, and visiting the local attractions of the city. You can double your fun on the Dhow Cruise will these tips and make your time spend on the cruise even more memorable.


Choose the Best Cruise Service

The moment you check-in the hotel, you can get a brief from the hotel staff about the local sightseeing and other activities. The hotel you are staying in might arrange a dhow tour for you. But it is always better to stay prepared rather than relying on someone else. There are a number of companies that can help you out in arranging a Dhow Cruise tour in Dubai. But you need to be bang-on on your selection.

It is better to do some research about the company you are choosing. You can choose the best after making a proper research about the company. Not only the Dhow, you caneven book a complete tour through the tour company. It might be cheaper than the individual expenses in the tour. But before selecting a company for booking a tour on Dhow cruise, you must get in the proper details about the Dhow journey to enjoy the most on your cruise.

Follow the Dress Code

You can choose between the casual or formal dress, but make sure that you are properly covered. It is not necessary to wear a tuxedo on the cruise. No slippers or shorts are allowed on the dhow. The women must be come covered properly and avoid the dresses having plunging neckline, skirts, or sleeveless blouses with low-cut back.

Capture the Moments

Carrying a camera along is always a great option. It can help you to capture the most exotic moments that you have spend during the vacation together with your family or friends. When in Dhow cruise, capture photos and steal away the moments forever. You can record of shoot the best scenes in your camera. Don’t miss out capturing the gazing high buildings from the sea when in cruise at night. The beautiful view of the city from the cruise will surely mesmerize you.  Not only this, you can even show off these photos to others.

Taste the Best Food

If you are on a Dhow, you must taste the sizzling food cooked inside. You can easily find Arabian, Italian, Mexican, and Indian food in the cruise cooked by the expert cooks.  Having a romantic dinner on the cruise with your better half will surely be the best moment of your life. Cherish the moment and taste the world-class food in the cruise.

Select the Right Time

Though you can cruise through the sea in the day time, but it is recommended to book the Dhow cruise during the night. At night, the city is decorated with the lights and you can witness the special effects with elegant lightening on the building from your cruise. You can capture the view from the cruise and steal away those beautiful moments.

Enjoy the Recreational Activities

If your cruise is little big then you may find a mini golf course in the cruise. Enjoy playing gold with your friends. Several card games can also be played here. These activities bring much more life to your short journey in the dhow.

The Last Words

When in Dubai, you ought to go for a Dhow Cruise tour before leaving the city. You can spend some of the most memorable time of your life with your loved ones in the cruise. It can surely be an everlasting experience. Make sure that you book a tour including a journey on Dhow. Take a note of the above-mentioned ways to make the most out of your dhow cruise journey and have fun in the cruise.