Home away from home for the Holidays

It is that time of the year again. The time of magic and joy, of carols and presents and loved ones. December is nearby and you can smell it in the air and see it on the faces of other people, Christmas is coming. The shopping craze and the smell of apple and cinnamon. And the New Year’s Eve is near too. When you get all dress up to be fancy and shine as we enter 2018.  But something doesn’t feel quite right… you feel like changing the rhythm this year. You feel like you need to do something else to enjoy the holidays.

So what should you do? In order to get away from the hustle and bustle of organizing Christmas or New Year’s party. You could spend the holidays in an entire different environment, a totally different culture overall, but still enjoy the magic of this season.

How about Spain? And better yet, the island of Mallorca. With all its cosines and festivities, local food and wine and traditions Holidays on the island will allow you to experience another type of Christmas, another way of celebrating the entrance in 2018.

Cosy accommodation for cosy holidays

When it comes to enjoying life as the locals do, nothing compares to renting a privately owned villa on Mallorca, this beautiful, warm, Balearic Island.

Vida Villas can set you up these holidays with such a property. You, your loved ones or friends can enjoy a distinct vacation this winter in a charming, traditional Spanish property or a fancy, modern Spanish residence.  It is up to you. But trust me on one thing, spending winter holidays in a place such as the city Mallorca, port of Pollensa or Cala San Vicente compares to no other Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

And the best part in staying in one of Vida Villas’ properties, is that you truly feel like you are home while being away from home. You have all the comfort, privacy and tranquillity your own space offers, while being on an island with warmer temperature and soothing breeze. Imagine decorating a Christmas tree with a view to the beach and the Balearic Sea.  And the weather is far more pleasing than in northerner parts of Europe of North America.

But pictures speak more than words, so here are so cosy interiors of the Vida Villas’ private villas for rent:

Winter holidays are great, they bring us cheer, family and friends, calmness and peace. But, sometimes you feel like breaking the routine of the season. This is where holidays on Mallorca come to the rescue. New culture, different traditions, less crowded, distinct lifestyle and laid back locals, all dotted with warm weather and unique charm.

If you want to experience Christmas or New Year’s Eve in a distinct manner this year, give the Balearic Island of Mallorca a try. Stay in a privately owned villa such as Vida Villas’ properties for rent and blend in with the locals to feel holidays the way they do. You will not regret it.